November 4, 2008

The Day You Never Thought Would Come Is Here!

November 3, 2008

The time has FINALLY come! Are you ready? RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP hits DVD nationwide on Tuesday. Let's kick off this celebration with a Brand New RTSC Interview! CLICK HERE to take on an INTERVIEW with Camp Manabe's funniest new Camper, BELLA, played by actress Shahidah McIntosh.

The WINNER of our Third RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP Contest is: JENNIFER ROSADO from Pennsylvania. Jennifer wins a 4x6 RTSC on set still of Jaime "Jenny" Radow signed by Jaime. Congratulations! There will be further contests this month so keep your eyes peeled.

Wanna leave a message for your favorite SLEEPAWAY Characters? Now you can! Ronnie, Angela, and Ricky have already left messages, so go ahead and join in on the camp fun! Have you ever wanted to say "we call 'em baldies," "it's a boy," or "she's a real carpenter's dream"? Well what are ya waiting for, go ahead and do it!

And don't forget to grab your copy of FANGORIA issue #278 on stands now! The world's #1 horror movie magazine delivers a 5 page spread on the movie full of pics, a set visit, and interviews with Robert Hiltzik, Felissa Rose, Jeff Hayes, and Tom Van Dell. It's a great RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY collectable... and there's more where that came from! A RTSC Merchandise section is on the way with RTSC hats, t-shirts, a music-inspired-by RTSC soundtrack, and more!

October 20, 2008

Felissa, Jonathan, and Jeff did a radio interview last night with CULTURE KLASH Radio from Miami, Florida. If you didn't get a chance to listen live, you can download the 60 minute show here:

The WINNER of our Second RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP Contest is: DAN PETERS from Streetsboro, OH. Dan wins a RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP Set Still signed by FELISSA "ANGELA" ROSE and PAUL "RONNIE" DEANGELO. Congratulations Dan!!!Are all the rest of you read for CONTEST #3? Of course you are! And here it is: WIN A SIGNED 4x6 RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP STILL signed by JAIME RADOW -"JENNY"

Jenny is a new counselor that's "kinda like Ronnie's right hand woman" and finds herself smack in the middle of a murderous camp mystery. To enter the contest, Send your name and address to: with the name JENNY in the subject line! Contest runs for a week and then we start the next one! Best of Luck to Everyone!

October 17, 2008

Want to leave messages for the Sleepaway Camp stars and crew? Head on over to: and join up. It's fun, it's free! And some of your messages will be answered personally for everyone to hear. So what 'cha waiting for? Go ahead, have some fun!

October 15, 2008

Come Camp With Us! Tune in to KULTURE KLASH RADIO on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19th at 10PM EST for a Live RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP radio interview! Sunday's guests will be Felissa "Angela" Rose, Jonathan "Ricky" Tiersten, and producer Jeff Hayes. Phone lines open at 10PM and the radio will be putting callers live on the air with the Return To Sleepaway trio. Visit: for call-in number and other info.

October 14, 2008

The WINNER of our First RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP Contest is: MIKE MCCLAIN from Iowa. Mike wins a RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP Set Still signed by PAUL "RONNIE" DEANGELO. Congratulations Mike!!!

Are all the rest of you ready for CONTEST #2? Of course you are! And here it is:

WIN A SIGNED 4x6 RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP STILL featuring BOTH PAUL "RONNIE" DEANGELO and FELISSA "ANGELA" ROSE!!! Here they are going over the script with director Robert Hiltzik and now they're ready to camp on your wall. To Enter the contest, Send your name and address to: with the names ANGELA and RONNIE in the subject line! Contest runs for a week and then we start the next one! Best of Luck to Everyone!

October 6, 2008

AINT IT COOL NEWS has posted an Early Review of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP You can check it out HERE. Executive Producer, Tom Van Dell, reacting to some of the early reviews laughed. "It's funny how these early reviews mention that they didn't see much or any CGI, which held up the film, because, in fact most of the death scenes contained CGI. If people haven't noticed that, it's a huge credit to the CGI crew for doing such an extraordinary job!"

October 2, 2008

RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP CONTEST #1 starts TODAY Do you want to win a RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP Still autographed on set by Ronnie himself? Of course you do! So go ahead, take a shot!

All you have to do is send your name to: and put the name RONNIE in your subject line. Winner will be announced on Sunday, October 12th.

Good Luck... and if you don't win, don't slash your wrists because we'll be starting Contest #2 right after Contest #1 ends!

October 1, 2008

First Look: Prototype Return to Sleepaway Camp cover from Magnolia/Magnet.

August 20, 2008

Magnolia Pictures will be releasing the RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP DVD on November 4th to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original movie. Bonus features will include the Jeff Hayes documentary: BEHIND THE SCENES: Making RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Felissa Rose co-hosts the documentary which features exclusive on-set footage, photographs, interviews, and puts you behind the scenes of the gruesome new Sleepaway Camp. Also, keep your eye out for the Halloween issue of FANGORIA (on sale end of October) which features an exclusive set visit feature article and photographs from the eagerly awaited movie.

August 5, 2008

Are You Ready??? Of course you are! You’ve only been waiting 25 years. Well, it looks like it’s finally upon us this fall. Magnolia Pictures is excited to release RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP! Chances are good for the DVD release at the end of October or November. Also in October, RETURN will be making the theatrical rounds at midnight screenings in many of the major city markets. We are still working out all the details with Magnolia right now… but soon we’ll be able to tell you about all the exciting stuff you’ll find on the DVD - including Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes straight from the Camp set! Ooh, and wait until you see the poster! It’s pretty freakin’ awesome! Yes, that's it on your left.

The TRAILER is now live on the website! If you haven’t already done so, you can view it HERE. Check out John’s review on right HERE. And I also recently became aware of this hilarious review of the trailer on YOUTUBE. Good stuff - CLICK HERE to check it out.

July 19, 2006

The FX is finishing up this summer!!! Read a cool article about it on FANGORIA'S WEBSITE!

May 30, 2006

HOLY MOLY: AN UPDATE! Yes, I have received all your e-mails and YES, an update is long overdue. Why the long delay? Unfortunately, the original CGI AFTER-EFFECTS were not up to snuff. Director, Robert Hiltzik and Executive Producer, Tom Van Dell were not satisfied with the results and all the work was Scrapped! Ouch!! As if you all hadn't been waiting long enough. Then the hunt was on for a new FX Team to start-from-scratch yet again for all the digital compositing and bring everything up to spec.

Yet another delay... but Now, it's FINALLY finishing. Executive Producer, Tom Van Dell says that the new 10-man team of CGI FX artists are hard at work every day finishing up the eagerly awaited sequel. Van Dell is also optimistic about a possible FAll Theatrical release! So hold on to your camp hats because we should (finally) have some big announcements to make by Summer's End. And yes, we have lots of RTSC featurettes coming to the website, so have no fear, the light is near...

Lenny Venito, who played "Manny" in last summer's blockbuster WAR OF THE WORLDS launches his own attack... with a whole fleet of... eggs!!??
I thought panty raids were supposed to be fun?

October 9, 2005

Horror fans attending the ROCK AND SHOCK Horror Convention/Concert this weekend in central Massachusetts were treated to a 1-time Sneak preview of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP. CLICK HERE for the lowdown and a sneak peek.

February 19, 2005

Just What You've Been Lookin' For - I've made the addition of Online VIDEO to the website and to kick it off, Get your exclusive first video glimpse from on the set of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP Right Here! Episode #1 is "RONNIE RETURNS" featuring the red jogging suited legend- PAUL DeANGELO as himself and "Ronnie." Paul says "Hello" to the fans from the set and talks about playing "Ronnie" 2 decades later! Don't miss it! "Ronnie Returns" is the first in a series of online videos produced exclusively for the website. In time you'll be able to see segments ranging from The SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION to more on-the-set of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP. So bust out the marshmallows and celebrate with "RONNIE RETURNS"!

December 15, 2004

RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP Executive Producer, Tom Van Dell fills us in on the composers he has lined up for the forthcoming movie. Award Winning composer Rodney Whittenberg (who supplied the score for 2002's insect shocker INFESTED) and Tony McAnany (who created music for the Oliver Stone hit: ANY GIVEN SUNDAY) will be composing a creepy soundscape for the big RETURN. Digital Effects editing is going full steam ahead with a likely Spring 2005 completion. And director Robert Hiltzik will soon be going overseas to make use of some new digital technology to incorporate.

October 19, 2004

"Just What I've Been Looking For!" Today we have a Major TREAT for all my fellow Sleepaway campers, just in time for Halloween! It's your Exclusive First Look at STILLS from the forthcoming RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP!!! FEAST your EYES right here.

August 22, 2004

Many of you have been asking for the RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP PLOT... As many of you know, RETURN is fashioned as another mysterious "Who-Done-It," much like the original film. There's LOTS of characters, LOTS of suspects, and LOTS of speculation! So many of you have said over the years how you loved the "speculation" behind the original... Well, that "speculation" is back with a vengeance! Was it Mr. Hiltzik with the Beehive in the Rec Hall? Or maybe Mrs. Voorhess with the knife in the outhouse? Only time will tell... but in the meantime, get out your list, "Knock off" a few suspects, and Check out your PLOT right here!!

May 16, 2004

Whoa - Holy Camp Cadavers! It's about time for a RTSC update, right? Alrighty then, here's a new batch of photos for you and a status update following the pics! Happy Camping!

Frank goes to pet his treasured birdie.
Frank and Charlie discuss some staffing issues.
Robert makes sure Bella and gals give Al some sh*t.
Felissa transforms into our favorite 'femme fatale' while CKY's Deron Miller watches on in amazement!
The "FACE" is still scary...
... two decades later!!
Chad and the guys...
... try to absorb the shock!
Mike Tatosian makes a triumphant RETURN to the Camp Kitchen!
Rec Hall Ruckus ensues on the set of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP...
Hey- It's Ricky! What has our old camp buddy been up to???
Jaime and Johnny get wrapped up in their work on a cold camp night.

Status Update ahh, yes, those elaborate digital fx. Now that a rough cut of RTSC has been completed, the next phase of the project is implementing the digital fx. Now, I know some of you are saying- SLEEPAWAY CAMP, digital fx? What's up with that? So let me ease your mind. The digital fx are being used to enhance some of the already creative murders. And don't worry, we're not talking about blocky computerized blood. We're talking about taking some of these murders and giving them even more "sting!" And again, have no fear, this doesn't mean the make-up fx is phased out whatsoever. The digital stuff is being used to enhance what is already there and in some cases, show some of what Robert has conjured up that can't be done with make-up. Yes, you certainly have some cool and creepy visuals coming your way! So that's where we're at folks... It's coming along... We're looking forward to sending you all back to camp.

Feb 12, 2004

Hello there campers!! You all ready for a new batch of Behind-The-Scenes photos from RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP? Well of course you are! And thanks to all your e-mail requests, here they are a week early... Enjoy!!

Don't Forget Your BODY BAG!!
Where do they keep the extra large pots used for cooking corn on the cob? Only "Artie the chef" really knows!
Camp Owner Frank has a heart to heart...
... with junior partner Ronnie.
Dusk approaches ...
... at Camp Manabe
Felissa entertains the extras..
... by singing the Happy Camper song!
Robert shows Vinny Pastore how to make the "Angela Face"
Paul DeAngelo consults his "Ronnie" manual.

January 13, 2004

The world's very first sneak preview of: RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP was kicked off at FANGORIA'S WEEKEND OF HORRORS on Jan 10, 2004. The room was packed to capacity and we want to thank all the fans who came to show their love for SLEEPAWAY and excitement for the next chapter! For all the Campers around the world who couldn't make it, you can check out photos from this amazing event RIGHT HERE!!! Enjoy!

December 4, 2003

Howdy Campers!! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! It was on Thanksgiving weekend 20 YEARS AGO that SLEEPAWAY CAMP made it's big screen debut to #1 at the New York Box Office!! Now, we're getting ready to pour on the gravy once again with a Brand New Chapter! So while the excitement and Holiday spirit flows through the air, kick back and enjoy some more goodies: New on-set pics from the fortcoming RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP...

Ronnie rehearses a scene with CHEF himself: Isaac Hayes
The RETURN crew take control of the road!
"Bella" gets touched up outside a cabin.
Camp Owner, FRANK, addresses campers during lunch.
Setting up shop In The Woods
Robert makes certain that Michael knows how to Weild a Knife!
Robert rehearses on the dock with a bunch of camp beauties and Brye Cooper (who was one of the PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN)!
It's a Foggy morning at SLEEPAWAY CAMP! That stuff sure knows how to creep through the mountains!
Executive Producer Tom Van Dell swings by set to make sure all is well and gory!

November 5, 2003

That's A Wrap!! That's right campers, we've wrapped shooting and now the movie moves on to post-production. We had an incredible 8 weeks making the new SLEEPAWAY... and the fun is only beginning! As we get closer to the release, we are going to have some cool contests where you can win some collectable RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP merchandise!! So stay tuned campers and here are some more exclusive on-the-set photos to keep your appetites wet...

Meet "Petey," one of RETURN's new babes-in-the-woods.
Meet "Weed" (played by CHILDREN OF THE CORN V's Adam Wylie)... he appears to be rolling something... Hmm, I wonder how he got his nickname?
Who's The Man!!?? That's right folks, Ronnie, the original head counselor is back to keep campers in line.
Take a boat ride with Jonathan Tiersten and Felissa Rose!
Crew sets up to shoot in one of the cabins.
Make-Up maestros: Leo And Johnny do some last minute make-up touches on "Spaz."
Rob and Wookash make sure RETURN sounds Squishy!
Pierre and Jose The Kings of Props!
Jeff and Ashlyn (Camp Manabe's bodacious lifeguard) take a photo after shooting a behind-the-scenes interview.
Between scenes, "Ronnie" keeps cast members entertained with some of his smooth card tricks.
That's a WRAP! Vinny makes his way through the crowd after wrapping
Some of the cast get together for some group photos after completing filming.

October 16, 2003

Week 5 Update!!! Hey there Campers! We have now completed week 5 and things are still 'sailing along' just great! We have made our transition into night shooting and the cast and crew continue to pump out an amazing movie. There's nothing quite like being in the woods of SLEEPAWAY CAMP just after midnight. We have shot some more death sequences that will keep campers talking for years! Sorry for the delay in updating but we've all been busy campers! So lock your cabin doors; sit back and enjoy some more exclusive photos from on the set of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP...

Robert directs "Randy" and "Linda" through the beginning of a wild night!
Vinny Pastore and Paul Iacono have a seat in the warming tent as they await shooting.
"Marker!... and ACTION!"
The Hiltzik gals have some fun doing some animal wrangling.
Super cool stunt man, Webster Whinery, who was a stunt coordinator on this summer's #1 blockbuster: PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, rigs a tree 50 feet off the ground!
Michael and Michael go over a scene.
Meet Jaime Radow as Happy Counselor "Jenny."
Guess Who's back at Ronnie's Shack!!?? The Man himself, Paul DeAngelo RETURNs as our favorite head counselor: Ronnie!
Make-Up maestros: Leo And Johnny do some last minute make-up touches on "Spaz."
Get a GRIP on Jimmy "The Tooth" as he gives everyone a peek in the grip truck
Some of the crew gather around the camera crane for a snap.
Mike Tatosian, who you will recall played a "cook's assistant" in SLEEPAWAY CAMP reprises his role and expands upon it by playing a counselor as well. Here Mike and Felissa recall fond memories of making the original classic.
Rockers CKY make a visit to SLEEPAWAY CAMP and they're not leaving without Felissa giving them a boat ride! The ecstatic fellas make a cameo in the new film.

... And there you have it campers! More to come!!

September 24, 2003

Week 2 Update!!! Howdy Campers! Well we have completed week 2 and the movie is rolling along just great! Some of the week's highlights included:

  • the arrival of Jonathan Tiersten, RETURNING as RICKY
  • We shot the first death sequence (and you guys are gonna LOVE it! SLEEPAWAY is known for it's innovative murders and this is certainly NO Exception)
  • We lost power for a bunch of hours one evening due to the hurricane and got to eat our supper in the dark next to a campfire. All the Pizza you could eat and all the beer you could drink! Now that's Campin'!

The Popular fan question of the week was:

IS THIS MOVIE GOING TO BE RATED PG? Have you ever seen a PG rated SLEEPAWAY CAMP??? Exactly! So Don't believe everything you hear unless you read it here. You have NOTHING to worry about... this movie is just as wild and gruesome as any other SLEEPAWAY... actually Even More!!! So you can throw the rumors away in the camp trash...

And now, here's your EXCLUSIVE look Behind-The-Scenes of WEEK 2! Camp is coming back!!

Robert Hiltzik RETURNs to the helm!!!
"Meet me at the WATERFRONT after the social!"
Felissa and Jeff goofing around behind the camp kitchen.
Meet "KAREN" and "MARIE," campers at the new SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Here they go over the script in preparation for one of their scenes.
RICKY RETURNS! As you can see, a lot has happened to him in the past 20 years! Then again, if you suffered the trauma of the first SLEEPAWAY CAMP, you'd probably be lucky to even have your hair 20 years later."
Robert and renowned Cinematographer Ken Kelsch make sure the new SLEEPAWAY looks hot!!
Robert playfully bullies actor Michael Gibney on the set! Directors can be SO MEAN!
Jeff mixes blood for one of the movies highly innovative death sequences!
Felissa goes for a fun ride on Ken Kelsch's fabulous 4-wheeler!

September 17, 2003

Howdy Campers!! Greetings from SLEEPAWAY CAMP! We have completed week 1 of filming and week 2 begins tomorrow. It has been an exciting experience watching Robert's wild script come to life before the camera. Felissa and I have been having a blast shooting some Behind-The-Scenes footage and also working on various production details.

Felissa and Jeff on the set of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP

Now to answer many of your questions surrounding the RETURN: RETURNING cast members include PAUL DeANGELO as RONNIE. Paul and I had lunch on Sunday before he went on set to shoot his first scene. He's as cool as ever!! Yep-The MAN is back... and once again providing his own wardrobe. He hasn't pulled out a red jogging suit yet, but if he does, I'll be sure to let you all know. JONATHAN TIERSTEN is also RETURNing as RICKY. He still has a bit of a potty mouth and definitely isn't afraid to use it. Jonathan shoots this week. Other cast will include VINCENT PASTORE (THE SOPRANOS, THE HURRICANE) and ISAAC HAYES (who played THE DUKE in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and is also the voice of CHEF on SOUTH PARK). Lots of Stunning FX are being created and the RETURN is gonna be worth the wait! As for Felissa RETURNing as "Angela," anything is possible! In other news, LORIS SALLAHIAN (BILLY) unfortunately couldn't get on board the project due to his hectic schedule with a new clothing line he is working on. However, his replacement is doing an amazing job nonetheless. For those of you who have tried to e-mail me; unfortunately my e-mail access is limited up here at camp (and I haven't been able to go through a lot of it yet) but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

So Campers, until next update, Stay Cool and get ready to RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY. We're bringing it back and it's going to be a wild ride!!!

September 10, 2003

YUP - It's HAPPENING! Sorry it took so long to get an update on this project out to everyone! We've all been working really hard behind-the-scenes to get this movie going. We didn't want to post anything until we had everything locked into place... but now we do, and it's time to reignite the campfire!!! I know I have received e-mails from many of you asking if this movie was ever going to happen OR if it was a "Publicity Stunt" because that is what you had read on some silly website... Whoever concocted that story must have been smoking some of what Kenny and Mike shared under the boathouse. People who have no involvement with the project seem to love creating rumors... but as Aunt Martha always says "That's water under the bridge" now! All washed up. I know you have all been waiting a LONG time to hear this news... well you can break out the marshamallows my fellow campers, because IT'S ON and we're RETURNing TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP!!!

More details to come...